About Us

Kleencrete Overlay Solutions is family run business based in Chester County. The company is a first-generation business owned and run by two brothers. They grew up and lived in Chester County area their whole lives. You will deal directly with us from start to finish. We specialize in custom concrete overly repair solutions for our client’s concrete issues, be it interior or exterior. Having been in business as long as we have, we know each customer’s concrete needs and budgets are different as is the state of their concrete. We can tailor or recommend an overlay solution to fit any need.

It’s our ability to provide quality work done right the first time for our clients is what sets us apart. Utilizing the best concrete preparation methods available, which goes hand in hand with state of the art materials to give you a concrete overlay solution that will give your home, office, or place of business the performance, look, and durability that you need or want. It doesn’t matter the current state of your concrete is in. New or old, your overlay won’t chip flake or crack like traditional overlays do. With Kleencrete Overlay Solutions, you get a quality concrete floor for an affordable price.


We DO NOT offer services for stamped or poured concrete applications.