Concrete Repair

Floor cracks are an all-too-common occurrence in many homes. This can be caused by any number of factors, but one space that often suffers from this is your Floor. The cove seam in your home is where the basement floor meets the foundation wall. These two areas are not poured at the same time, leaving a seam that can allow water to enter. This seam needs to be waterproofed to keep water from entering your basement. Cracks in the basement floor can also allow water intrusion, which is a big problem for many basements. Hydrostatic pressure can build under the floor until water finds a place to enter, usually through cracks, holes, or even the concrete’s pores. The repairs for these situations are performed with a gravity fed injection of epoxy resin and graded quartzite, which seals these areas against both negative hydrostatic pressure and radon intrusion.

Concrete Repair Chester County, PAEpoxy Color Flakes Protecting and waterproofing your basement floor is a top priority in a fully protected and waterproof home. Floor crack repair is a vital part of keeping water out of your basement and Concrete Repair Specialists know just how to do it. By using our floor crack repair service, you’re getting the protection your home needs and the service you deserve.

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