The Graniflex system is a heavy duty, highly crack resistant, and waterproof system. With a large variety of color combinations, this system is perfect for every area.

Concrete Stain & Seal

Stain and Seal is another popular system. We will transform your dull concrete into a unique work of art. This is system is highly functional and is built to last.

Concrete Sealing

Hydrophobic Concrete Sealer was trusted on the oldest street in america. If your concrete is not sealed water penetrates into the pours which leads to cracking.

Epoxy Flake

Our Epoxy Flake Flooring system has endless color options and design choices. Its a perfect Mancave flooring option for basements or garage floors.


We can PERMANENTLY waterproof your basement or crawl space with our SANI-TRED® System. Our System is crack resistant and will last.

Deck Coating

We can PERMANENTLY waterproof your wood deck with our SANI-TRED® System. Our System is waterproof, decorative, and will last.

Concrete Repair

Kleencrete Overlay Solutions specializes in concrete repair. We offer many options to take care of cracking, spalling, pitting, and even broken concrete.