Wash and Concrete Sealing

Wash and Seal

Concrete is like a giant sponge; it absorbs water, harsh chemicals, UV rays, and de-icers, all of which damage concrete. Concrete Sealing with The Concrete Protector’s Concrete Sealer can protect it from all these issues and keep it looking spectacular. Trusted to protect the Oldest Concrete Street in America! Summer beats up on your concrete & Winter knocks it out! No wonder it’s starting to pit, pop, crack, and flake. The Concrete Protector’s Concrete Sealer works by penetrating into the pores of the concrete and then creates a protective barrier. Economical, environmentally friendly, and doesn’t change the texture or color of the concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my concrete be more slippery after application? No. The Concrete Protector does not change the appearance or the texture of the surface.

Q. Is it a layer that will wear off? No. Unlike film-forming sealers, The Concrete Protector is a reactive penetrating sealer that chemically alters the surface of the concrete, creating a water-resistant membrane that protects the surface from water penetration that causes damage.

Q. Is Your Concrete Sealer Environmentally Friendly? Yes. Our sealer was formulated with the environment in mind. It is safe and zero VOC. It even meets stringent California South Coast AQMD Requirements.

Q. Can I apply this to my concrete if I have had a sealer on it in the past? In many cases, yes. It depends on what kind of sealer was applied and if the sealer has been worn away. Most “cure and seals” will pressure wash away. We suggest doing a sample area first. If you notice a yellowing of your sample area, there may be a sealer inhibiting the penetration of the sealer.

Q. How long before the concrete is ready for traffic? 12-24 hours.

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What Customers are Saying

David Janis

Joe from Kleenscaping was outstanding and did excellent work on my property. I had him design and landscape my entire front and side yards as I just moved into a new home last winter. He took the time to come to my house several times and go over the design to make sure I liked it and was happy with it. He has superb knowledge with the different types of shrubs, bushes, and trees and knew exactly where to plant them to ensure there won't be overgrowth in the future. He continually kept me up-to-date with timeline and an estimate when he would be able to finish due to the unseasonably cold April weather we had. When I had a question or asked him to fix something in the mulch bed, he accommodated quickly and fixed what we asked. Pricing was very reasonable given what I had done as well. I will be asking him to come back eventually to landscape my backyard after I install a patio. I highly recommend Kleenscaping!

Kemper Equipment

Kleencrete provided a new epoxy floor coating for the office, restroom and break areas in our new fabrication shop. The floors look great! Kleencrete cleaned out the old flooring, prepped and completed the job on time and without delay. Their pricing was fair and Joe was very easy to work with! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hard wearing yet good looking commercial floor coverings. Thank you Kleencrete!

Marie Brand

Highly professional experience! My concrete front steps, porch, and walkway were in such terribly cracked, broken, and discolored condition that I expected to start saving for brand new construction. I researched options that would ensure my porch, steps, and walkway would be structurally sound, reasonably priced, and look beautiful. Joe came to my home almost immediately and explained the Kleencrete Overlay system to me. He identified necessary repairs to help ensure safety, and to help me feel confident the overlay would be long-lasting. Joe got our job onto the schedule and completed the project very quickly. I never realized how beautiful this system would look. Gorgeous sparkle when the sun hits. Took our steps from about a 2 to a 10 and added a major dimension of curb appeal for us. I couldn't be happier! Everything looks brand new! Big job, little job..... don’t wait. Call immediately. This will be the best decision you could have ever made!

Katie Russo

Kleencrete totally transformed our new-construction concrete slab front porch and walkway into a cozy farmhouse front porch! Joe and his team were always professional and hard working, working through some insanely hot days to finish our project. Joe's experience with concrete products was also helpful when parts of the project had to be reassessed along the way, offering solutions that would work with the materials but also giving us the overall look we were going for. We are very happy with our new front porch!

Barbara McCann

Good communication and reliable. They worked so hard and did the job they agreed to do. They even did a little extra work above and beyond.


Joe from clean create is amazing did a great job unbelievable work. Very clean and professional.

Terry Malloy

Joe did my pool deck and the results exceeded our expectations. The old concrete was cracked and dirty, but the Kleencrete overlay makes it look better than new.